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Rate Payment Management

The time and knowledge required to administer the payment of Business Rates properly, even for relatively small property portfolios, should not be underestimated. Rate demands often receive less scrutiny than other invoices, as they are seen as formal documents from a Local Authority; hence, the default position of many organisations is to simply set-up direct debits to make payments.

Our experience demonstrates that this approach is fundamentally flawed, as we regularly uncover billing errors, overpayments and unclaimed reliefs on client rate accounts. Outsourcing this process extends well beyond replacing internal function, as it serves to introduce a level of scrutiny and expertise that rarely exists in-house.  This also has the benefit of releasing time and is self-financing.

The administrative burden associated with rate payment matters across larger occupational portfolios is reduced to the extent that you can receive a single schedule for approval each month and a request for funds.

Key elements of the service cover:

  • Rate Demand Checking
  • Payment Services (Either as an Authorisation Service or Fully Outsourced)
  • Refund Recovery
  • Reliefs & Exemptions
  • Budgets & Forecasting
  • Rate Account Auditing

Our Rate Payment team manages in excess of 10,000 properties with Rateable Values totalling over £100million. This service is generally self-financing and ultimately provides peace of mind that you are paying the absolute minimum, while maximising all potential opportunities for rate savings.

Business Rates Audit

Historic Rates Audits

Rate demands often involve complicated calculations as the rate liability shown may involve transitional arrangements, supplements, reliefs and effective dates for billing, all of which provide numerous chances for Local Authorities to make errors or even levy charges in breach of legislation.

In the course of its work, our Rate Payment team also regularly picks up on overpayments made by clients and often identifies examples where refunds sit unclaimed on rate accounts.

The members of our team all have an in-depth understanding of rating legislation, claiming relief and experience of working with local authorities on Rate Payment issues, transitional certification issues and in claiming rate relief.

Our forensic rate account audit involves a review of the rate accounts on your properties and extends back over two Revaluation periods. This exercise will identify any potential account anomalies that exist, which includes overpayments, billing errors, relief potential and unclaimed credits.

Once the audit is concluded, where any account issues are established, the team will liaise with the respective local authorities to ensure all rate rebates are agreed and refunded to you. The audit process is conducted on a performance-related basis, which ensures the exercise is cost effective from your viewpoint.

Download a brochure for further information on our Rates Payment Services and Business Rates Audits:

Historic Rates Account Audit

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