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Empty Rates advice

We take business rates very seriously. It is a complicated subject but one that we understand inside and out. Empty Rates are even more complex because this issue is riddled with seemingly perverse rules potentially allowing properties to be valued not as they are but as they could be or as they once were. There are dozens of different tactics that can be deployed to avoid or defer an empty rates liability and there is some skill in picking the right tool for the job. Some skill. And many who claim they have that skill.

In our experience this is not enough. Not every tool is the perfect fit. We are constantly thinking about new ways to make old rules work better. We are refining interpretations of case law and statute. We deal with hundreds of complex cases every year and we are constantly modifying our approach to avoidance and deferral. We are persistent and innovative, and most importantly we get results. 

Every liability needs its own avoidance plan. We will work closely with you to ensure that all opportunities to avoid and defer are given the best chance of success. It might be that the rules won’t quite bend to match the problem or perhaps they don’t quite go far enough to naturally warrant a deletion. We get involved as early in a scheme’s development as possible.

We will use our knowledge and experience to suggest modifications to proposed works which close the gap or change the tactic and so assist the deletion. Often the modifications will differ from region to region, depending on who at the Valuation Office or billing authority we will be acting against.

Our dedicated Empty Rates Specialist Team has been established for over 25 years. During that time we have acted for and continue to advise some of the biggest, brightest and most exciting developers, property companies and funds. We would love to talk to you about how we might help.

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