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Commercial Agency

Commercial property is a necessary yet expensive undertaking, so when your business plan involves expansion, contraction or a need to adapt to changing circumstances, the right property advice at the right time can have a positive impact on your operational strategy.

Your requirements for leasing, buying, letting or selling business space will always require a unique set of circumstances, budgets and timescales, which may also have a wider property context (such as exercising breaks, space planning, empty rates avoidance and repair issues). Our Agency surveyors can provide you with initial advice, market insight and practical guidance on your space options.

Our dedicated Commercial Agency teams have a significant involvement in property transactions across the country, including warehouses, distribution sheds, industrial property and offices, from regional locations and within central London.

Our comprehensive Agency service provides:

  • National coverage on leasing, buying and selling business space 
    Regional presence in key markets across the country
  • M25 specialists
  • A dedicated Client Manager approach to instructions
  • In-house direct marketing, providing targeted telephone and direct mail campaigns
  • A powerful relational database of over 200,000 occupiers and hundreds of ”active” space requirements
  • Fully resourced offices, providing a wide range of agency and professional services
  • Genuine expertise where it matters, initial informal advice and a commitment to providing personalised service

Market knowledge is central to what we do; in-depth knowledge of rental/freehold values and incentives, what’s available and who’s in the market for space, are all crucial elements of the professional Agency service we can give you.

For more information and/or to discuss space acquisition or disposal matters, please contact a member of our Agency team below.

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