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Asset Management

The nature of the investment market brings the quality and importance of asset management into sharp focus. At Altus Group, we can offer you regional, market-led asset management advice across all asset classes. 

Working closely with our regional agency teams, we are well positioned to boost your asset and fund performance through local market knowledge.

Our core services cover:

Landlord Reviews – We will objectively consider the potential for increasing the rent at review. At the very least, we will often recommend opening a dialogue with the tenant to ensure the property meets their requirements.

Lease Renewals – This is a crucial role in challenging market conditions. Our regional knowledge is such a key element to maximising the value of a new lease, through increasing the rent, maintaining the current rent or even minimising any fall in rent on renewal depending on the nature of the property.

Lease Restructuring – These discussions often arise from rent review discussions, especially if it is the final review of the lease. We will seek to extend the term, vary lease clauses, retrospectively document works carried out by the tenant without the landlord’s consent, all with the aim of delivering greater asset performance.

In addition, we provide investment agency, portfolio valuations, dilapidations and repair advice, and a specialist approach on Empty Rates avoidance and managed temporary occupation.

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